My professional career has been one of Linux/UNIX administration and engineering from the very earliest of times.  I have worked for some of the largest companies in the world doing wonderfully geeky things.

I sit comfortably between the sort of geek who can name the make/model of every drive tray on the market at sight and the sort of guy who just got into IT for a living.

I love technology, am an early adopter, enjoy my Apple laptops while utilizing Linux on the desktop at my job.  (or a Mac when I can convince the office to get me one) 🙂

My resume follows in the most common formats (.doc, .pdf, and .txt)

Resume.doc – Standard Word 97/98 Format

Resume.pdf – Adobe’s Portable Document Format

Resume.txt – Plain Text format, suitable for copy/paste

I will add more formats as I see the need. Thanks for reading.

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