Here I sit, bleary-eyed at 3:30 in the morning.

the calls come in far too seldom to keep any semblance of rational thought, so I have to bring occupying pursuits with me to keep me awake. Sure, the occasional alert comes in, and I investigate, but not much here. To be truthful, I could script most of what’s being done here, and be getting a good night’s sleep.

I got a combination of XP + Solaris 10 + Fedora Core 3 on the laptop now…enjoying the geekery. Solaris is just so incredibly primitive in comparison to Linux…I don’t see what McNealy thinks he’s talking about.

Hear this, and hear it good: Solaris, Sun, and the Sparc platform will all succumb to the Linux juggernaut in the next 5 years. Unless Sun seriously revamps and becomes a Linux company, they’re sunk.

HP/UX falls into the same category. While I’m sure Carly Florina is doing everything in her power to make it seem as though she’s in complete control, I think that most everyone in the UNIX business that is *not* a UNIX contender is scared to death of what Linux might bring their way.

Updated: January 26, 2005 — 3:39 am

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