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Now that I’ve let everyone know, I can let you guys know here too. I start a new job on Monday, 8/2.  If the interview is any indication, the job will be challenging and exciting, and back in web work, which I really prefer.  The position is a 1-year contract with a possiblity of going […]

Steady Progress

I’ve been making steady progress on my theological degree of late.  I even finished a couple certificates along the way.  I’ve completed “Biblical Theology” and “Kingdom Theology” courses of work, and only have one more class to complete for the “Practical Theology” portion.  I will be continuing my bachelor’s work for the next year or […]

Medical Nonsense…

Got into a bit of a snit with someone today over some singer guy who offed himself after getting paralyzed while drinking and driving at 18 years old.  He made it to his 40’s, all the while dwelling on his dark mood in the lyrics of his songs. Despair finally had it’s way, as he […]


I didn’t expect to really be crazy to do the nursing home thing tonight after that crazy emotional roller-coaster last night, but GOSH was it a hard trip. I got there to find Donna just crying and crying in the hall and not able to stop.  I asked about meds levels and I asked about […]

Long Time…

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve posted.  Mostly because of the craziness of getting my wife settled into a nursing care facility, taking on the full care of two teen boys on my own, and responsibilities at work. From a “husband” perspective, you could say I’ve got a little of the “lonely” going on…not having […]