Steady Progress

I’ve been making steady progress on my theological degree of late.  I even finished a couple certificates along the way.  I’ve completed “Biblical Theology” and “Kingdom Theology” courses of work, and only have one more class to complete for the “Practical Theology” portion.  I will be continuing my bachelor’s work for the next year or so, and should be done with it by next summer.

Donna continues to waver back and forth.  Honestly, I’m not sure what to make of it.  One night she’s bad enough that they call me up to the nursing home to comfort her, and she is so inconsolable and complaining of pain that I have her sent to the hospital for observation.  I come to visit the next night, and it seems not only is there nothing wrong, she’s communicating with me at a higher level than I’ve seen in awhile.  We had a wonderful conversation and time together before she had to go eat.

Still reconsidering my workplace.  Various issues I really can’t get into here at the moment, just suffice it to say that it is definitely a drain on my joy.  I may need to consider a few things (ugh! again) here soon.

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