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Steady Progress

I’ve been making steady progress on my theological degree of late.  I even finished a couple certificates along the way.  I’ve completed “Biblical Theology” and “Kingdom Theology” courses of work, and only have one more class to complete for the “Practical Theology” portion.  I will be continuing my bachelor’s work for the next year or […]

More Ouch…

Well, made it through Christmas with only a little pain.  It’s my first Christmas without the wife at home in 20 years. I went to see her in the Nursing Home a couple times this week, and even read her some of her Christmas cards that were sent by all sorts of people in the […]


I didn’t expect to really be crazy to do the nursing home thing tonight after that crazy emotional roller-coaster last night, but GOSH was it a hard trip. I got there to find Donna just crying and crying in the hall and not able to stop.  I asked about meds levels and I asked about […]

Long Time…

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve posted.  Mostly because of the craziness of getting my wife settled into a nursing care facility, taking on the full care of two teen boys on my own, and responsibilities at work. From a “husband” perspective, you could say I’ve got a little of the “lonely” going on…not having […]


I’ve been thinking a lot about where life finds me at 41. I’m a Dad, husband, teacher, sysadmin, friend, lover, confidant… Lots going on there, but a deep-seeded need to be relevant still trickles along. I *so* wanted my degree. I *so* wanted an active lifestyle, exciting and energetic. Sometimes the mundanity of a “schedule” […]