Long Time…

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve posted.  Mostly because of the craziness of getting my wife settled into a nursing care facility, taking on the full care of two teen boys on my own, and responsibilities at work.

From a “husband” perspective, you could say I’ve got a little of the “lonely” going on…not having my love and soulmate of 19 years right here at hand to share with, laugh and cry with, and love.  I go by and see her usually twice weekly, but on heavy work weeks, only once.  I could just curl up and sort of  “give up” for awhile sometimes, but that just isn’t an option.  Too many people count on me and she needs me more than ever.  There’s uncharted waters ahead for both of us, and I plan on making her as comfortable as I can for as long as is necessary.

The kids are plodding merrily along in school.  Dan, I think will be very glad to be out and even if it’s just flipping burgers for awhile, happy to just “be and do” rather than being told what “being and doing” is and precisely how he should “be and do” at the school.  He’s so very much like I was at that age.  I pray for him daily that the mistakes of my youth never visit his doorstep.

Andrew is learning the baritone, possibly marching with CV, possibly not.  It’s still hard to tell, and I hope he does what *he* wants to do, and not what everyone else happens to be doing, just because we’re doing it.  I am so glad his identity is flourishing, and he’s doing his own thing.

They’re both *so* smart.  I’m very proud and very fortunate.

Work is rather busy right now.  There’s several projects that have come along and all seem to have converged at once.  Thank goodness we have a holiday moratorium on any production level changes.  At least there’s a temporary breather before the new year gets into swing.

I’ll post some later.  Still trying to target precisely what I plan on putting here over time.

Updated: December 16, 2009 — 11:03 pm

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