Howdy do.

Well, it’s been quite awhile since I’ve gotten over here to say much, but I haven’t had much to say.

Things are going so well for our corps this year, there’s no way I can express it. The staff, management, direction, focus, theme…all amazing. We got out to the Atlanta Motor Speedway this weekend to work concessions, and had a great return for our efforts. I hope we can do more of those in the future…it was great family time for the corps as well as a great money-maker.

Dan’s school band went to festival, and they brought home all “1’s”. Great stuff. Good reward for hard work.

Starting drill in two weeks. Looking forward to it.

more later…

Updated: March 22, 2005 — 12:46 am

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  1. Actually we got two ones and one two.
    I just wanted to set the record straight.
    I thought i said to you that we got two ones and a two.

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