Drum Corps, Work, and Thoughts

We had a great, productive camp this weekend. Despite rain and cold winds all day Saturday, we were able to get outside today and catch up with everything that was supposed to be done yesterday. I’m VERY proud to be in this particular year’s CorpsVets. I think this year is TRULY a turning point for our corps. Wildwood is just 6 weeks away (the opening show of the year) and I cannot wait. My brothers, sisters and I will certainly have a few things to “say” on the field up North this year.

Work continues to suck greatly. I’m a glorified phone boy with root access… >shrug<. I clear logfiles and respond to monitoring alerts on filesystem expansion.

As a career sysadmin, this position was DEFINITELY a step down. A step down in responsibility, expertise required, knowledge needed, etc. Add to that the fact it’s 3rd shift, my neighborhood is expanding (and one of the next empty lots to develop on is about 50-60ft from my head) and that all spells “suckage” in the worst way.

I’ve started the jobsearch process, and will be seriously looking from here on out until I find the *right* job on the *right* shift in the *right* location.

Wish me luck.

Ever notice how people suck? And then the same people that suck come from nowhere and do something WAY cool. (you know who you are…..thank you). I appreciate personal growth from people (even if it may just be me growing to the point that I see the good somewhere that I thought only “sucking” existed just minutes before.

Updated: May 28, 2010 — 1:21 pm

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