Medical Nonsense…

Got into a bit of a snit with someone today over some singer guy who offed himself after getting paralyzed while drinking and driving at 18 years old.  He made it to his 40’s, all the while dwelling on his dark mood in the lyrics of his songs. Despair finally had it’s way, as he […]

More Ouch…

Well, made it through Christmas with only a little pain.  It’s my first Christmas without the wife at home in 20 years. I went to see her in the Nursing Home a couple times this week, and even read her some of her Christmas cards that were sent by all sorts of people in the […]


I didn’t expect to really be crazy to do the nursing home thing tonight after that crazy emotional roller-coaster last night, but GOSH was it a hard trip. I got there to find Donna just crying and crying in the hall and not able to stop.  I asked about meds levels and I asked about […]


Tonight I was feeling the tug of my first Christmas without my darling wife at home. In cleaning out the basement of old stuff to donate to Goodwill and such, I found a shoebox… A wonderful treasure-trove of love. My darling sweetheart in all the years of our marriage; the ups, downs, and all the […]

Long Time…

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve posted.  Mostly because of the craziness of getting my wife settled into a nursing care facility, taking on the full care of two teen boys on my own, and responsibilities at work. From a “husband” perspective, you could say I’ve got a little of the “lonely” going on…not having […]

Can You believe it?

Sent my transcripts and associated documentation to GSU last month as per their requirement.  I didn’t think much of it, that I wouldn’t qualify for any type of transfer credit, since it’s been so long since I last took a class or anything… Turns out they transferred in a mess of classes for a pretty […]


I’ve been thinking a lot about where life finds me at 41. I’m a Dad, husband, teacher, sysadmin, friend, lover, confidant… Lots going on there, but a deep-seeded need to be relevant still trickles along. I *so* wanted my degree. I *so* wanted an active lifestyle, exciting and energetic. Sometimes the mundanity of a “schedule” […]